dove grace

writer, bon vivant, Winnipegger



Hello there!

I'm Dove, a writer, artist, and lifelong Winnipegger. I've spent my entire life here in this great city (the "Gateway to the West"), and I'm always proud of the diversity of cultures so prevalent here. I'm an avid supporter of our "Downtown Revitalization" ideals in spirit, but admit I'm not too happy with the way things are going in practice.

By hopping on (edit 04/19/2018: and back off) the "Web 2.0" bandwagon, my hope is to paint a picture of my beloved hometown, to show the world how Winnipeg looks through my eyes. I would also like to present some ideas of how I think the city can be improved, for the benefit of us all (not just certain special-interest or fringe groups), as well as discussing issues affecting Winnipeggers (or the rest of Canada, for that matter).

First off, why not click here to learn a little about me?

Secondly, I started a little web-diary of sorts a year ago, which eventually evolved into a blog of sorts.

Third, I've put together a photo album, which will be the first of many!

I'll be updating at least once a week, probably a bit more frequently during this preliminary period. So watch this space for further developments!

Thanks for stopping by!